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Ūkio krautuvė

Autorius: aThemeArt

Tai temos Grocery Store potemė.

Versija: 2.1.0

Atnaujinta: 7 vasario, 2024

Aktyvių instaliacijų: 200+

WordPress versija: 5.0 ar naujesnė

PHP versija: 7.0 ar naujesnė

Temos tinklalapis

Farm Store is a robust and free eCommerce theme that works seamlessly with WooCommerce. It is a child theme of Grocery Store, designed to cater to the needs of farm product shops and related businesses. Can be used to sell a wide range of farm-related products such as fresh produce, dairy products, organic food, fish, meat, and agricultural goods. The main features of the theme include advanced product search, smart WooCommerce swatches, and a modal side cart. Also seamless integration with many popular storefront extensions to enhance the customer experience. The template is designed with a strong focus on usability and provides an excellent user experience for startups. Create powerful e-commerce websites across all niches in minutes, without writing any code, with this efficient shopping cart theme.

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