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AppYourself Chat Plugin


This is AppYourself Chat extension for the live chat, which helps to get connected with the customers directly. It will only be activated when a user clicks on “Live Chat” button.

  1. What is AppYourself Chat (widget)?

Itʼs a widget that establishes a connection between an AppYourself app user and the app owner via secured websocket (WSS). App owner receives his users’ messages and accesses them via our AppYourself dashboard. These messages are also being sent to his email address as e-mail notifications, but only if he has enabled that function.

  1. Error reporting data:

AppYourself Chat widget errors are reported to AppYourself using Sentry service – when such error is reported we receive following information in related data:
– user browser type and version,
– user IP address,
– URL of website which AppYourself chat widget has been attached to,
– OS name and version,
– AppYourself application id,
– Breadcrumbs which: contain recent browser console content and indicate HTML elements identifiers and actions which has been performed on these elements. This allows us to recreate what user has done before error occurred (in terms of clicking certain elements, not entered values).

  1. Registration:

User can create an account in two different ways:
– By providing name which will be used as his username (if not provided then name will be randomly generated),
– By using his Google/Facebook account (by using the ‘connect’ feature) – by choosing this option users provides us an access to his basic public account data – username (which will be used as username), email address (provided to Google/Facebook – but changeable if needed) and profile picture (changeable as well).
At the time of registration we also fetch the platform type information – which will be visible for the app owner.
Date of user registration is stored in our database and is visible to app owner in dashboard.
It is possible to enable/disable the Google/Facebook registration in dashboard. Then only name – set by user himself – will be required.

  1. Signing in

User can log into already existing account using his e-mail address and password provided during registration (by Google or Facebook) in AppYourself chat widget.

  1. Account removal

AppYourself Chat widget user is able to delete his account which results in deleting all data he provided.

  1. Chat

We store all sent messages along with the time at which certain message has been sent or received. After sending message to app owner he is notified by a push notification about new messages.

  1. Profile picture

User can update image as his profile picture – itʼs stored in our database.
Last activity date:
At user session start we update the information which indicates last user activity time.

  1. AppYourself Chat widget initialization

Is happening by appending our redirection script which is generated by our backend – it contains configuration set in our dashboard. If itʼs enabled, AppYourself Chat widget bundle is appended to AppYourself chat widget host site and AppYourself Chat widget initialization starts then.

  1. Data sending

The AppYourself Chat widget plugin contacts our server via the domain apptivate.it. That allows for establishing the connection between the widget user and our system. This connection allows WP widget users to answer on chat messages and store data provided during the registration/signing in process (if enabled) in our database.
The domain responsible for redirecting the traffic apptivate.it points to the same server, as appyourself.net (it’s just a subdomain set for chat widget communication).

Terms of service for our service: https://appyourself.net/en/terms-of-use/
Privacy Policy: https://appyourself.net/en/privacy-policy/

First option for Installation

  1. To run this extension, make sure that you have to install AppYourself Chat plugin and activate it.


Second option for installation

  1. Download the AppYourself Chat plugin zip file and extract to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress Admin.

1. Go to Setting-> AppYourself Chat option
2. Then, you have to add Key for it. That Key will work only on your website.
Get Code from here : http://my.appyourself.net


Is it working with all wordpress versions?

Yes. It is supported for all wordpress versions.


13 balandžio, 2019
Acabo de descargarlo para fines de prueba. Bueno, este complemento está pidiendo demasiados permisos que ni siquiera necesitas en primer lugar. ¿Algo se está cocinando aquí?
8 balandžio, 2019
Als ich dieses Plugin hinzufügte, wurden die Kameraberechtigungen angefordert. Was hat das mit der Hauptchat-App zu tun? Bei der Hauptimplementierung stimmt etwas nicht.
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